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The Colour Revolution is Here!

Posted on 1st April 2020


Across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire, we’re seeing a significant shift to coloured window profiles. White windows are now being described as the “classic” choice with more adventurous consumers opting for more vibrant and statement colours.

Without a doubt, the most popular colour after white, is anthracite grey. With its muted tones it’s a very classy finish and very popular with the style savvy customer. At the Staffordshire Windows Company, we have to admit to being very partial to a Residence 7 window in anthracite grey. It’s clean flush lines and in that colour, bear a striking resemblance to aluminium, giving it a very contemporary finish.

We’re very interested to see more earthy tones appearing on our customers radar. Agate Grey which despite its name, has a more subtle greenish tinge, is very much the on-trend colour and thanks to its understated appearance, is very popular with period properties and modern homes alike. The Staffordshire Window Company are delighted to be able to offer this colour across our entire window range although if you pinned us down, we’d have to say the Graf welded timber effect window in Agate Grey is really a vision of beauty.

Interestingly, white or cream windows with a black outer-frame are coming back into fashion. Once a design firmly buried in the late 19th century, this particular design is having a boost in popularity as many of our customers are trying to replicate that period look on their home. Any of the Staffordshire Window Company’s flush window systems can accommodate this very statement look.

There is no doubt that consumers are being more, shall we say daring, with their colour choices. With the ability to pretty much choose from any colour thanks to the spraying capabilities available to us, the only limit is often imagination.

However, we also urge caution when it comes to choosing a colour palette for your exterior. Don’t commit to a crazy and vivid colour because you’ve seen Lady Gaga wearing a dress in lime green and now that colour is on trend, because that’s the key word, trend. Just like flared trousers or shell suits, there is a shelf life on most fashion. Greys, blacks and muted earth tones will always be a fashionable finish, but we don’t envisage boogaloo purple, electric blue or canary yellow making a long-lasting impact on the world of windows and doors.

Our team at the Staffordshire Window Company have been in this industry for over 30 years and have pretty much seen it all and we’re here to help you choose the right colour for your homes exterior based on experience and knowledge of the market.

Why not pop into our showroom and have a look around at some of the examples we’ve mentioned in this article or you can download a brochure from our extensive library by visiting tswcltd.co.uk

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