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Posted on 13th April 2020

Imagine, plan, own

The Perks of Finance 

People of a certain age will remember the Radio Rental days. Those wonderful moments when having the
latest VCR or TV could become a reality. Watching 3 channels on an 18” FST screen escalated the common man
to the echelons of the upper class. Recording endless late-night shows on a 3-hour video cassette which ended
up always being accidentally recorded over, took us from myth to actuality.
But we were all blinded by the sense of achievement and wonderment of having the latest technology in our
fairly humble homes. The truth was, we were paying £10 a month for something we would never own. We
were merely borrowing these items of wonder from the stores we could never buy outright from.
Eventually renting became a thing of the past as many consumers switched on to the fact, we were creating a
financial vacuum we could never get out of. A TV that cost £200 would have been paid for over 3 times by the
time we handed back the TV…only to go and rent the latest version and start the process all over again.
That is when finance deals started to become the most accessible way for many of us to break the cycle and
start to pay towards the actual ownership of our chosen items. But whilst finance had its many perks, it also
had its drawbacks especially with regards to technology. By the time the customer had finished paying for the
latest laptop, it had been out of date by at least a year. And with the high interest rates attributed to many
finance packages, the end sum of money was far weightier than the outright purchase.
It is interesting then that the windows and doors world approach finance in such a refreshing way. We
recognise that home improvements don’t become an out of date purchase in the year, they are something
that you can rely on for years to come. Once the purchase has been made, you can pay for those new windows
and doors in 2 years on a 0% interest rate and have products that will hold their value (and increase the
property value) for many years down the line.
Finance has become a way of life for many of us and makes the previously inaccessible once again attainable.
The ability to have a full house of windows and doors paid for within 2 years at times means from the moment
they are installed; you are reaping the benefits. Whether that’s a simple aesthetic pleasure or the realisation
that your new improved energy performance is contributing to lower utility bills, the fact is, every month
you’re paying a small manageable sum towards full ownership of something that is making a difference from
day one.
At the Staffordshire Window Company, we have partnered with an extremely reputable finance company to
offer you that exact ability, buy something now and pay for it later whilst earning the benefits from day one.
We have also taken the decision to offer a range of finance packages rather than stick to a one size fits all
approach. Ranging from 0% for 1 year to a 2-10 year option at an incredibly reasonable 9.9% APR, there is a
finance option to suit everybody. For that little bit of guidance, we’ve put together some examples for you.
If you’re fortunate enough to have the finances in place to put down a decent deposit, you can reduce your
monthly payments accordingly, bringing your route to complete ownership even closer.
Finance for home improvements is in our opinion, the best way to achieve your ultimate goal. And don’t forget
that everything installed by the Staffordshire Window Company comes with a 10 year guarantee meaning our
products will be protected in your home long after you’ve finished paying for them.
And if you remember those old Radio Rental days, we only ever got 1 year! Why did we all fall for it?
Take advantage of our great finance plans and you can imagine, plan and own your perfect home

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